The bar is also part of the hotel. The Parisians as well as the hotel’s guests meet there, safe from the city bustle. Invisible from the street, nestled in the center of the hotel, it reveals its jewel, a courtyard in a vertical garden which gradually coats surrounding walls. It’s an intimate, comfortable open but secrete haven of peace, shielded from hubbub.
Our team, shares her passion with customers searching for new discoveries. Connoisseurs of mixology can choose among cocktails from the drinks list, or choose their own creation according to their tastes and desires, comfortable nestled away, in this refreshing spot during summer or cozy by the fire of the outside chimney in winter. Open every day from 5p to 11pm. 24 hours room service (Except cocktails : only during opening hours of the bar).
Glass of wine from 7€
Cocktails from 12€
Cup of Champagne VEUVE CLICQUOT: 13€

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