If it is a pleasant place to sleep or to meet over a drink, it is also an awakening and sharing space of our passion for art. The hotel’s main entrance plunges the visitors / guests directly into a 15-meter length gallery. This exhibition space stretches out until the courtyard and the bar. It has been conceived as of the first steps of the construction project in order to fully integrate this artistic activity to ensure respect of the work of the artists on show. Jules & Jim hotel works with the finest and most influent Parisian photographic galleries in order to offer to its customers as well as to its Parisian visitors / guests the opportunity of discovering or rediscovering the work of artists we appreciate. Since 2014, the hotel has integrated an exhibition dedicated to street art or illustration once a year into its program. This artistic and commercial activity is for the only benefit of the artists and the galleries; no commission is deducted from the artworks selling.

16 May – 17 September 2019. Alexis Paoli is fascinated by La Défense, the biggest business district in Europe . Before being a photographer, he used to work there. He is remembering the crowd queuing at the stairs in the morning, and the emptiness following until nightfall, when the offices are closing. This alternative sequence of empty spaces and volumes summarizes his perception of the site. The massive flat space of the slab contrasts with the succession of skyscrapers imposing their verticality.


16 March – 14 May 2019 Reine Paradis is a French artist born in 1989. She constructs narrative photographs staging herself as the central figure in a surreal landscape. Paradis is dressed in yellow in the images of “Midnight” and is shown interacting in color filled landscapes. Shot in many locations throughout America, the photo series «Midnight» takes us on an introspective journey across a symbolic and chromatic world, projected above the limit of reality and imagination.


Roberto Badin.25 January – 3 March 2019. With “Inside Japan”, Roberto Badin shatters preconceived ideas about Japanese cities: crowded subways, overpopulated intersections, saturated with multicolored neon lights. Roberto Badin invites you to discover the heart of a country full of contrasting tradition and modernity.


Employing traditional photography and digital manipulation, the series Flying Houses isolates buildings of their urban context and releases them from the anonymity. Houses so fly in clouds, like kites. Inspired by a poetic vision of old Paris and by influences movies, the images of the artist seize an unexpected levitation. The images shown in large format, make sense, leaving it to the curious observer to discover details ( graffiti, writing, anachronism, character, window, reference to a movie or a musician…) and propose a double reading, a story far and another closer. Flying Houses series is a real invitation to the voyage and to a dreamy cheerful world where each people will tell the own story.


Tale of Man is a modern tale that pays tribute to man, and asks the question of his eternity in the horizon of time, on the basis of his own existence and its contradictions. How to expose himself, return to the simplest device, to reconnect with his environment and wonder about his future?


“Sorry, No Vacancy” reveals a parallel universe where the realm of the imaginary spreads itself as a fine netting over the peripheral world. The work continues to use Kourtney Roy’s own image as protagonist in a world where external reality is ripe with strange and mysterious juxtapositions and scenarios. The artist has melded the ineffable with the vast and isolated spaces of Southwest Texas. The settings for this series are marginal and transient sites; remote highways, abandoned tourist stops, and lonesome towns that seem to hover over the landscape as ghost images of a past time.


M.CHAT (2017-2018)
M. CHAT celebrates 20 years! During all these years countless wall paintings have been produced by Thoma Vuille, his creator. In some cases, despite the time that has passed, the smiling cat is still there. At the occasion of this emblematic anniversary, Hotel Jules & Jim presents together with the artist and the Galerie Brugier Rigail, images of the iconic smiling cat on the walls of the Marais district through an exhibition of twenty canvases, acrylic on paper and ceramics. From the 1st of December until the 28th of February.


From September 14 to November 21, the photographs of Vincent Mercier give us another view of America’s West: Sun burned, isolated places – from Palm Springs to Sun City… Philippe Besson, invited by Hotel Jules & Jim to accompany the artist’s work with his words writes: « As a matter of fact I know these places because I visited them but even if I hadn’t, I would know them. So do you. – They are right out of our imagination. » His images are composed geometrically, yet there is nothing cold and distant in his approach. This exposition is organised in collaboration with the Galery Catherine and André Hug who represents Vincent Mercier in Paris.


Hotel Jules & Jim is happy to showcase SUPERNATURE, its new exhibition by Francois Fontaine. The 18 pictures are shot with a Leica camera from animal documentaries and will take you on an imaginary Safari, to a place somewhere between awake and dreaming. Nina Bouraoui, who was invited by the Hotel Jules&Jim to describe the artwork elaborates : « It’s a dream where my wild brothers appear and bring me back to the fire and salt of my lands. A dream – colourful and blurry, sublime and unreal where silence follows storms, from dusk till dawn. A dream so poetic, it unfolds like a turban in the wind… ». 12 May – 5 July 2017,


AWAKE (2017)
With ® Eveil (Awake), Paris lives freely at the mercy of the creativity it inspires, never contradicted in spite of sometimes chaotic events. The choice of the 23 works has as main idea this « Magic Capital », without any bias than to present the artists who “appeal to us” by offering to our sensitivity an eclectic vision of the city. Simply and freely. 8 February – 8 May 2017,



22 November 2016 – 21 January 2017, Brecht Evens and Brecht Vandenbroucke together for the very first time. 14 artworks exhibited in partnership with the “Martel” Gallery – Paris.

22 September – 21 November 2016, Francesca Piqueras. In partnership with Europ Gallery – Paris.
12 July – 21 September 2016, “WEATHER SHADE” by Joséphine Vallé Franceschi
02 June – 11 July 2016, “JOE’S ROAD” by Gail Théo Gosselin and Maud Chalard in partnership with the Fisheye Gallery – Paris
24 March – 31 May 2016, “OUT MY WINDOW – PARIS & NEW YORK” by Gail Albert Halaban in partnership with Esther Woerdehoff Gallery – Paris
25 January – 24 March 2016, “ISLAND” by Maroejka Lavigne in partnership with Catherine & André Hug Gallery – Paris
PARIS, PARIS… (2015)
22 October – 25 November 2015, “PARIS, PARIS” by Images et Portraits (Fabien Breuvart)
10 September- 20 October 2015, “Still about Nice” by Jean Robert Franco
TRUC ANH (2015)
1 July – 8 September 2015, TRUC ANH in Partnership with Sator Gallery…
16 April – 16 june 2015, FRED LE CHEVALIER…
5 february – 6 April 2015, KOURTNEY ROY in partnership with the Catherine & André Hug Gallery –
October 9 – November 30 2014, “NEW YORK IN THE DARK” by Flavien Prioreau.
22 – 30 June 2014, “POLAROIDS” by Ferry Van der Nat in partnership with the Ravestijn Gallery (Amsterdam).
28 March – 22 June 2014, “LIBRE COMME L’ART” by SPEEDY GRAPHITO in partnership with Galerie Polaris.
TIM FULDA (2014)
16 January – 28 February 2014, JULES ET JIM REVISITED by Tim Fulda and Sandro Suppnig
ANTON F (2013)
10 December 2013 – 15 January 2014, « REFLETS 100 22 » by ANTON F
19 September – 5 November 2013, « OBSESSION 8 – Lucas Valerdi » by Jérôme Lobato, Bertrand Le Pluard et Nicolas Wagner
15 August – 17 september 2013, “PLUNGE” by Laurent Champoussin in partnership with Galerie Temple.
16 July – 15 August 2013, “EGAREMENTS” by Cerise Doucède.
PEAJES / Joséphine Douet (2013)
25 April – 26 June 2013, “PEAJES” by Joséphine Douet.
24 January – 28 February 2013, “SILENZIO!” Mémoires de cinéma by François Fontaine. In partnership with A.galerie
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