The Hotel

Today almost nothing remains from the former processing plant located at 11, rue des Gravilliers, Paris 3ème (Le Marais) which was on the premises before Jules & Jim Hotel (23 rooms) was built there. In fact, the only testimony, of the former building is the 18th century frame of the house, which now accommodates the bar and a duplex room. Everything else is brand new. Or at least was 5 years ago. We have counted on simple and durable materials, unadorned: concrete, wood glass or stone (sink surface and shower trays). Some materials are more technological such as Hi-Macs® stone in 13 bedrooms, merging in a set that becomes patinated with the years; with the constant care of an irreproachable presentation in the private and communal areas. 
Welcoming our guests with care, relaxation, kindness, politeness and simplicity, has been, is, and continues to be our state of mind and primary goal. It is our ongoing pleasure and delight to serve you every day.


Madame Hyafile (Architect – Ministery of Culture)
Monsieur Aidenbaum (Mayor of 3d area of Paris )
Henrich Fitger, Architect.
Natacha Froger (ATOME Associés), Interior Architect.
Michaël Malapert, Interior Architect / Bar.
Alain Pin (Light & Day), Light Designer.
Martine Harlé, signalétique.
Brigitte Bouillot. Photographer.
Rod Reynolds, Events partner.
CONSTRUCTION (2010 – 2011)
In order to be simple and create this haven, it was most important not to think that this was impossible. So we did it, as a team: professionals with multiple talents (architect, interior designer, light designer, decorator, general contractor and a few dozen businesses) devoted themselves to the building of this unique urban oasis. Finally, we took possession of the place and welcomed our first guests on December 26, 2011.
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